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Display order of overlaying fields.

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I am using Field A (14 pixels wide) with a pop-up list attached to select the entry. To view the entire list's contents the field would need to be 87 pixels wide. I only need to view the first letter. Three pixel to the right is Field B. It is a calculation field, with entry allowed, to join the text of two other fields.

The problem lies in that when I select any field on the layout Field A's 87 pixel wide pop-up list covers the first 60 pixels of Field B preventing viewing the fields content.

How can I set the pop-up list behind Field B unless called upon?

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Hi Mark,

Pesky buggers, aren't they? Change the field format on the pop-up to not 'Allow Entry.' Attach a script to the pop-up with a simple: Go To Field [PopupField]. For sure, don't use the Specify Button command (right-click on field) to assign the Go To Field script step. If the field has been set to not allow entry, it won't enter (or pop) the field - something I consider an FM oddity. You must use a regular script step. That will stop it from popping until a User decides they want to and clicks into it. I don't think you can keep it from coming over the top of another field however; active fields will always jump to the front. crazy.gif

It sounds like you really have a Value Key (one letter) and a Value Description (the long one). If your VL is based upon data from fields and you can't shorten it, you might consider instead creating a calculation (text, index ON) that truncates your VL data into something like:

Left(VLDescription, 1)) ... or even ...LeftWords(VLDescription, 1)

After all, you've suggested that a User can tell what's in the field by looking at the first letter. Then create a VL from that. It can be pulled back together with the Description via a self-join relationship, ie, the data in your Main field (with the new VL attached) will become your left key and the calculation your right. You can then display the descripton any time you want by placing the SelfJoin::Description on layouts. wink.gif


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This topic is 7551 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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