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Displaying or importing images


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After searching many post I still have not found a clear cut solution to my problem.

My first choice: Is it possible to display an image in a container field by specifying a path (local drive only) and not actually inserting the image in the database? Say you have a folder called "C:images" that contains img0001.jpg, img0002.jpg, img0003.jpg ... (I've tried something like this but with no success)

gPath = "C:images"

imagename = "img0001.jpg

calcImage = gPath & imagename

I would like to avoid using a plugin if it isn't necessary.

If that isn't possible how about a script that can import images by specifying a folder or path.

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You didn't say what version of FM you're using, but from FileMaker 6 online help, see the topics:

Inserting graphics into fields


Importing a folder of files all at once

Note especially the information about storage options, i.e., you can elect to store only a reference to the files (the filepath) in your db, and the image will display in the container field. This reduces file size bloat. However, if you change the location of the referenced files, FileMaker loses track of the images, and they will no longer display in the container field.

If I understand your question, these two help topics should get you started.

Hope this helps, but let us know if you need more info.

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No, it's the Filemaker help that you get from the help menu when you are running Filemaker.

If you want to enter the file path and name into a field and then have a container automatically display the image, you will need either a plug-in (such as Troi File plug-in) or Applescript if you are running on a Mac.

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This topic is 6600 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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