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Using FileMaker Server on a home network

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Alright. I knew I should have come here first. Received bad advice from another forum. Anyway, I have a home network with three computers networked together. They are all running XP Pro. My main computer has Filemaker Server 5.5. installed. I have developed a program in Filemaker pro I want to test since I will be using it on our network at school. First I have to work all the bugs out so I can talk them into letting me do it. Here are my questions:

1. Can I reside the Filemaker program I developed on my main computer were the server is? Will it act as a server coniciding with XP Pro?

2. Then can I get on another computer in my house and use the program so I can troubleshoot any problems? I also want to work with some plugins for Filemaker server. I am trying to duplicate how it would work on our Intranet at work. Where there will be 105 staff members using it.

3. If I can do all this, where do I put the template document?

I am working on affording another computer that I can use solely as a server. But for now I need to be able to do it this way. Thank you.

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1 You can run FileMaker Server on a machine which does other work, but it slows FM Server down an awful lot. Still, it can be done.

2 When you run FM Server on one computer, another computer on the network can access the files hosted on FM Server via the Open Remote... option. You must make sure of all sorts of network settings first - see the FileMaker Server White Paper (can't remember the URL right now, but it's on the FMI website) for details.

3 You put the files to be hosted in a folder in the FileMaker Server folder - when FM Server launches, it should automatically launch those files


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This topic is 7507 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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