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OSX Custom Portal ScrowlBars

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This is an addition to the Metal Interface post.

As I've been asked several times, I thought I could put this in another single solution.

Waiting for some built-in feature provided by FMI (at least an optional thing...)

Still Brushed Metal...

Edited ??? I removed the Password and updated the Purple and Ruby graphics.


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Thanks again for your great posts....very nice! I was wondering...I am attempting to create a layout similar to the one in your portal scroll bar post. The Vertical divider is something I want in my layout but I cannot find an example to use. The one in the Scrowl bar post is one graphic (tried unlocking, ungrouping, etc). I have looked in the metal tabs and have tried several of the items there but the shading just doesnt work. Any suggestions on how I can create the metal vertical divider?

Thanks again!


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