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Transperancy in FileMaker graphics

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Hello everyone. Since FileMaker still refuses to give us a good Aqua UI, I'm trying to mimic Aqua controls and elements. I use Interface Builder to create buttons, tabs, etc., then take screen grabs, and edit them in Photoshop. So far so good.

I'm having one slight problem, though. Can anyone tell me if FileMaker supports image transperancy? If so, what image format should I use? I've tried importing PNG, GIF, and PICT. Transperancy doesn't seem to work on any of them.



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Yeah, I just did this 5 minutes ago. Its a weird trick I picked up here a while back. I think credit goes to Christian.

Make the graphic you want in photoshop. That's what I use too. Whatever you want to be transparent, set to white. It has to really be white too -- not just look white. Make sure the white value is a true 255, 255, 255 RBG value.

Then, and here's the weird part, just before you save the graphic, rotate it 90 degrees counter clockwise, and save it.

Insert it into your FM layout, and then rotate it again 90 degrees clockwise, and set the objects fill pattern to transparent.

That should do it.


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There are many FM Aqua templates already available. Look in the Sample Files forum.

Also, the topic of image transparency has come up many times. Do a search for words like "transparent" and "graphics" and "invisible." You should find plenty of info. You will find that you CAN have transparent background images, but it may be tricky depending on what platform.


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This topic is 7491 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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