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Funny field behavior when scrolling portal


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Using FM 6 on Win XP Pro.

I've got a portal where users can create records. They select from a drop-down list of ID numbers of people in the database. This ID # field is placed underneath another field that displays the actual name that is related to this id number.

When I scroll down the portal, the ID # field is brought to the front making it impossible to see the name field which should be on top. Strangely, this only happens to the portal rows that were visible before I started scrolling. The rows further down the list show up fine as I scroll. If I click on a row where the ID had come to the front, the name comes back to the front, but only for that row.

Finally, to add one more bit of mystery, as I write this post (using IE) and then alt-tab back over to FM so that I can make sure I'm describing this behavior properly, I find it works sometimes. If I'm in FM and select a record and then try to scroll the portal, up come the ID numbers. But if I select a record, leave FM, then come back to it and try to scroll, the names stay on top.

Any clues as to what could be causing this, or more importantly, how to stop it?



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This topic is 6792 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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