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separate data from string

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First, if the data is concatenated, from another file, then it originally existed separately. The fact that is a global leads one to think that this is a temporary value. So why can't you use the process which set this global to the separate values to also set them as separate values, in other globals?

In other words, rather than trying to pull the data apart, why not also pass the separate values?

If that is not possible, then you are either going to have to figure out what (if anything) allows you to distinguish the separate values when concatenated; or else you're going to have to compare each part of it back to the original values somewhere, to see where to break them.

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You say that the concatenated field has different types of data. It can't. Once it's in one field, it's only 1 type, Text result probably. What is was before doesn't really matter at that point; though it may matter again after you parse it.

Are you saying that TextToDate produces an incorrect date, from what looks exactly like a regular date (on your system)?

I still don't see why all this struggle, why you can't get the values from the original separate fields.

Why don't you post some sample data, along with your calculations (well-labelled). We can't tell otherwise what's going on.

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This topic is 7482 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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