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Need a push in the right direction

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I have a contact DB and a related DB that holds company specific data. Currently my company has a project in which we are verifying contact information on 500 hundred companies. Each company has multiple contacts. The main objective is to identify certain job functions (Director, manager level functions)

What I need to do is after one of the staff has identified 3 out of 4 "Top" functions and any of the three remaining functions is set a "status" for the company as "complete".

The related DB carries one record for each company so I'm thinking that I should be able to achieve what I'm after using it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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One way would be to define a calculated field in your company db something like this:

Case (

(PatternCount(contacts::function, "Director") +

PatternCount(contacts:: function, "Manager") +

PatternCount(contacts:: function, "TopFunction1") +

PatternCount(contacts:: function, "TopFunction2") ) > 2


Count(contacts:: function) > 3,



Essentially saying that if there are 3 or more "top" functions and also 4 or more total functions for that company, then the company is complete.

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Thanks, I have that working but now need to take it step further. I need to update the related records to also be complete. Basically there may be multiple contacts for each company, so when i meet the above stated criteria, i then need to "status" the contact records for the company. i tried writing a script which copied the Company Id and then enter find mode, pasted the Company ID nd then performed a find for them, and set a field called Status to "Company Complete".

The idea behind this is to remove these records from a calling queue. This way our staff no longer has to verify any more of those company's contacts.

To explain in more detail, our staff is assigned a record set (the records are divided up into groups of 200 by a field that is set to a unique value to those records. They then choose a "status", i.e. New record, Voicemail, etc.

Once a record is closed, it will not be in there found set.

Often times, some but not all records will be closed, and the others will remain in their cue, but not needing to be called.

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I think my explanation may not be clear. Once the calculation proves true, i need it to find all related records for that company, and set a field called status "Complete".

The calculation now sets the field in the CompanyInfo DB, which as I said earlier, holds one record per company. I need to update and close all of the contacts in the contact DB, which in some cases there are 80+ contacts.

We had a similar function in our db's before but it would every once and a while set all records in the DB to "Complete".

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This topic is 7471 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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