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Runtime Problem - Calc Field with Value Lists


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Hello everyone,

I've created a runtime solution with FM Developer. Everything is fine except for one field, and this problem is consistent between platforms.

The field is a calculated text field, which uses the ValueListItems function on a value list that is populated by a relationship.

In FMP, the text field is properly displayed on the layout (as a merge field), but does not appear on the layout in the runtime solution.

Any ideas would be tremendously appreciated. Thanks!

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Is the related database that populates the value list part of the runtime?

Did you set password permissions in the runtime? I got in trouble with one of mine by not being careful about which fields and layouts to give the user access to. It's not just the user that needs the access, it is also scripts and calculations.

Steve Brown

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Hello Girwin,

The ValueListItems( ) function requires two parameters, one of which is the name of the file in which the value list resides.

The most likely reason that the calculation does not work in the runtime version is that the names of the files have been changed at the time of binding (eg the extension was .fp5 but is now something else...).

If the calculation field is in the same file as the value list, then the simplest solution to this is to supply the filename dynamically, using a status function, rather than specifying it as a literal value - viz:

ValueListItems(Status(CurrentFileName), "YourListName")

- rather than ValueListItems("YourFile.fp5", "YourListName") etc. wink.gif

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Thank you both for replying. My headache is over!

It turns out that, as Cobalt suggested, I had removed the extensions and therefore changed the filename during binding. Your suggestion of calculating the filename dynamically works like a charm.

Thanks again!

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This topic is 7476 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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