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File corruption with Server 5.5

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Thanks, Riley. You are basically suggesting that I automate what I ended up having to do manually. While this would work, it bothers me that it seems like it wouldn't be very flexible. The way I'm envisioning it, I would have to predefine the funding source categories from the Service file in my find operation in the Clients file, so that whenever we added a new funding source, I'd have to reprogram the find scripts. I'm sure there's a more elegant solution, I'm just not coming up with it yet.


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Can anyone give me some help or suggestions please? Major problem here - new file server and transferred all our files over - running Filemaker server 5.5 (test software, full version) hosting three users on small LAN. Have now two files which are unrecoverable. Have tried using the recover command on them and each time they then crash Filemaker when you try to open them. Our backup system has completely screwed up (for the first time in five years! - always the way) and we have no copy of this file available in backup format. Any thoughts on recovering the file would be appreciated as FM help were not able to offer much more than the "recover" command. Thanks. (and yes we've sorted out the backup situation ... now!) :confused:

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This topic is 6564 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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