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Remote open script - password

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Hello all

Hopefully someone can help me with this query:

I run FMPro Server hosting about 25 databases .. all with password-protected external access.

Our accounts director would like to be able to access one database .. via a browser .. from anywhere.

As FMPro Server itself doesn't web-publish, and it's not a good idea to run FMPro Server and client on the same machine (certainly not serving the same file) I have installed FMPro client on our web server and am having it web-publish the specific database, served from our FMPro server.

All well and good.

The only problem I have is that now and again I need to reboot our web server. Obviously then the database will need to be reopened remotely (by the web server) so it can be web-published.

I can write a simple script to remotely open a database .. but if that database is password protected .. can I incorporate the password into the script (i.e. have the script open the database remotely and supply a basic password)?



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Create a local FileMaker file on your web server. Make the password the same as the password for the database on the database server. Write a script that'll open the database then close itself.

Open ["MainDatabaseFile.FP5 (*)"]

Close []

In the document preferences, set "Try default password:" to the password. Under "When opening..." Set Perform Script to the script.

Put the file (or a shortcut/alias to it) in your web server's startup folder (or wherever things launch autmatically on your system). When you reboot, the Opener file should open, then it will open the main database file, then it will close itself and the database file should be open on the web server. Passwords are "carried over" when files are opened by other files. For example, if your Opener File's password is "secret" then "secret" will automatically be used when the main database file is opened.


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This topic is 6564 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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