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Summary Problem?

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I have 1 database, with a few fields defined.

Date Paid, Amount Paid, Charge, Total Charge, Monthly Charge

Date Paid is the Date

Charge is a calc of x % of amount paid

Total Charge is a total of all the Charge(s) for the date

Monthly Charge is a Summary of Total Charge.

On the layout I have a Sub-Summary which lists the Date, Amount Paid, and the Total Charge. Everything works fine here.

There is also a trailing Grand Summary where I have the Monthly Charge.

This is where my problem is. The monthly charge is adding not only the month (Jan) of 2004, but also (Jan) 2003. If I go to another layout and look at the records found, it has only found the 2004 records. In Preview Mode of the layout with the Sub-Summary, it again only shows the 2004 date. (Sorted by Date). What am I missing here?

I have tried the database in both 5.5v2 and 6.0v4 both under OSX 10.3.2

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If Total Charge is a summary of the charges in a set, then how are you summarizing it for Monthly Charge? Summary fields don't summarize other summary fields (not directly anyway).

Make total charge a summary that's a total of Charge.

Put it in the subsummary by date part of the layout.

Put another copy of it in the Grand Summary if you're sure your found set is only that month.

Or, make a calculcation field called MonthYear = right("0" & Month(date),2) & " " & year(date). Then add a second subsummary based on MonthYear and put the total charge on it. When you sort the records, sort by MonthYear then Date. This should summarize by Month/Year, then within each Month/year it'll summarize by the specific date.


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This topic is 7457 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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