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TimeCards / Employee File Metal

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Current version is 6

(note V4 and V5 is not for FileMaker 5.5 or or less)

TimeCards System Is an open source file. In this file you will be able to keep track of your

employees time records. You can finally disconnect that old timeclock on the wall.

This System Comes with TimeCards (Mine with Major Modified FM Template), Employee File (mine), Bugs And Features File

(modified from free download). And by permission of John Sindelar of Cleveland Consulting in the background

I am using a modified version of their Free Calendar. This is used to keep track of Vacation ,

Sick and Tardiness. In Employee File there is a key fields you must fill for this to work (Time Start and Hrs)

This will allow you to tag their calendar if the are late. Or calculate overtime. In the Employee File their are

4 portals that work from the CC Calendar. For Current Year 1] Vacation Dates, 2] Sick Dates, 3]Late Dates

4] All occurrences all years.

For this file to work manually the employee must enter their password (I.E. 991660) which is a combination of their

employee number (I.E. 99) and a random assigned number (password field I.E. 1660), which can be changed when want,

If you use a manual system I recommend you change it once a month. Barcoded ID cards maybe every 3 months.

The main is to keep only the current weeks timecards in the TimeCard File. Each week you should Archive

after printing hard copies for the employees to sign (Something to Do with regulations Fed and State).

Anyway Archive these records for safe keeping.

For the Personnel Manager the is a Personnel Board and TimeCard layout , where you can run many scripts

I.E. mass Holidays or create vacation slips for individual employees. Check for late hours. create sick time.

Create weekly report broken down by department. Print all cards. and more.....

Modify these file as you see fit but please keep a modification log.

This version 4. If I get to I would like to further automate this system by using barcode swipes. (Donations welcome)

See Employee File. ID Cards Layout.

The Metal Look thanks to Ugo DI LUCA.

Let be known I am always looking for the next big project.

If you would like me to create or add to your current payroll files please

feel free to contact me.

Oh Ya my name is Robert Schaub AKA chopper.

you can reach me at email:[email protected]


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Chopper -

Fusion DZine will be happy to post the sample in our downloads section for you.

We are always looking for new samples to host from the FileMaker community to help others out.

So, if you or anyone else has a great solution that you just HAVE to share, let us know about it.

Email us at [email protected] with the file and a short paragraph detailing what it does.

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Version6 is now current see 1st post for download

Fixed few errors, One of my faults in quick typing.

Also in v5 I made changes to clockin / clockout to check what version of FileMaker is in use. Since 5.0 does not support Show Custom Dialogs. So now it is compatible with FM 5.0 and FM 5.5 or 6.0 and better.

2/16/04 7:40 EST

Duh I was tipped off that 5.5 did not support Custom Dialogs either so this is the change this time. So therefore version6

Boy I hope I have it all now.

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Good job Sir Robert, you do good work and I thank you for letting us see your work and what's under the hood as well.

One thing I would love to see added to your solution is an "Income conversion" calculation. For example.

Pay Type field: Hourly

Pay Amount field : $10.00

And all of the following fields would be entered automatically based on what is in the above two fields.

Hourly pay$... Weekly Pay$... Bi-Weekly Pay$... Monthly Pay$... Annual Pay$

This would be very helpful for many things, not least of which is forecasting.

What do you think?


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I just re-read my post and realized I didn't do a real great job of explaining myself. In the workplace there are many companies that use a system that everyone signs in and out. The truck driver to the person who runs the company. A time card systems like yours would be excellent for all kinds of company tracking. So we have many different people having many different pay types. Most commonly, Hourly... Weekly... Bi-Weekly... Monthly... Annually...

Again, when the "Pay type" and "Pay Amount" fields are entered the, Hourly pay$... Weekly Pay$... Bi-Weekly Pay$... Monthly Pay$... Annual Pay$ are entered automatically.

Hope that clears it up.


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I have tried this out and I have trouble with it. I have setup a test employee and looked at the password but when I try to sign in wiht th employee number and password, the pop up box says No employee matched your request. Can you advise what I am doing wrong here?


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