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A good one: Jumping records when printing


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Hi, perhaps somebody knows what is happening:

I have an invoice database, when it is time to print the invoices I move to another layout (list view) where I can see all the invoices, then I run a script that prints all the invoices, but sometimes happens that the printed invoice is different form the one in fileMaker, and example:

In filemaker i have 3 invoices:

No. 123 with client 10 concept X

No. 124 with client 45 concept Y

No. 125 with client 211 concept Z

after printed they look :

No 123 with client 211 concept Z

No. 124 with client 10 concept X

No 125 with client 45 concept Y

As you see, the process misplaced the records, I don't know how.

Any clues?

I'm using FM 5.5.2 windows 2000 in a dot Matrix printer

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Let me guess... there is a portal on the initial layout., and the related records are being sorted by the relationship. If so, you need to sort the records in the related file before you print them.

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Thanx Vaughan,

Nope, there is no portal in either layout but let me be a little more specific:

The records in the database are OK, before or after printing. The problem is with the printed invoices, they do not match the records in the database, is like the printer mixed the records before printing.

Try to follow me: in the layout LIST I have 20 invoices (1 to 20) I run the script to print every one of them, the script goes to the first record switch to the INVOICE layout and prints, then goes to the next record and print it and so on. Once you printed the 20 invoices you go and compare the printed ones with the database, then you see that printed invoices 1 to 13 are OK, but the number 14 has the data from the invoice 16 in the database, the invoice 15 on paper has the data from invoice 14 on the database and printed invoice 16 has the data from invoice 15 on the database. Invoices 17 to 20 are OK.

As you see, it prints fine the invoice number but no the rest of the data (client, concept, totals, etc)

happens once in a while but when it happens you have to cancel the invoices and re do them.

any ideas?

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Sounds like a serious relationship problem somewhere.

Or data corruption. Either way, back-up what you've got NOW and start looking around for older backed-up copies to restore from.

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Never seen such data corruption, and would be rather surprised if it might happen.

I'd second Vaughan's first suggestion about relationship woes. Could you be more specific about how the Customer Info (an other) are set and what keys you're using for the display in the print form ?

May be a clone file you'd post here would help too..

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I have similar problem, and here's what I could find so far:

1. It only happens on one of the many layouts which utilize the same fields

2. It is shown properly on the screen, and when one record is printed, it is correct, too.

3. If multiple records are chosen to be printed, even when I decide to print only one page, this one page is screwed up - one field is from the following record.

4. Verified in FM Pro 7 and FM Developer 7.

5. Deleted the field from this layout and inserted it again - same results.

6. No portals, no scripts, no calculated formulas - directly using the field from the database!

So, I'd doubt it's the database corruption... looks more like a bug?

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We are all assuming that you have two files - Invoice and Client. Is that correct?

Do you have multiple relationships between the files (i.e. with different related fields)? I have had some mysterious beast come in when I'm asleep and change my work. (Some unpleasant people refer to this as 'user error'.) The only way to check this is to go over EVERY little thing on the suspect layout.

Are the fields on your invoice layout EXACTLY the same as the other one? Have you checked that twice? or more? Same relationship, same field names?

I've had a similar thing happen and it was due to using a wrong link field in a relationship.

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This topic is 6431 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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