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Can I point to an image on a mounted remote volume


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On one of my web pages that is served by FM, I have a CDML tag that points to a field in my database record. This field has a address to a image located on a ftp server, something like http://63.226.110.xxx/images/myimage.jpg.

When anyone clicks on the above link the image from the ftp server displays in the browser. Can I instead use a path to a image located on a remote volume. In other words, I have a volume mounted on the desktop of my OSX machine, the same machine hosting my FM pages. Is there a way to type the path in my FM field (something like user/desktop/harddrive1/images/myimage.jpg) and have it work so that when someone clicks the link from the hosted web page it will show that image?

I think what this sort of thing is called is a symbolic link. Can it be done? If so, what does the symbolic links look like in OSX?


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Hello, Larry! (lol old tv show)

I really don't know much about this but if no one else offers anything good, here are some things I'd suggest you consider...

I'm guessing but I think symbolic links are like shortcuts/aliases but for UNIX. If I remember correctly, I think you'd have to change your webserver configuration to allow symbolic links/aliases, otherwise it treats the alias like a little file. I doubt FileMaker has a setting like this, but I believe Apache does if you are using Mac OS X to serve (mounted volume might be trouble). You can use something like


for yourself, but obviously not for an internet user since that pathname is relative to whoever's opening it. I know, this isn't much help but maybe it'll spark a lightbulb in someone's brain. Good luck! --ST

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ftp in a browser:



ftp://user:[email protected]:Xportnumber

ftp://jack:[email protected]:2004

would log u in and opne defualt folder set to that users root directory.

And remember that you can setup FTP server to serve folders on remote locations

eg. FTP_server -servs "shared remote folder" on some other machine...u would have to have "FTP_server admin user" also as a user loggon=mapped drive (on other machines that would have their folders/files) served to "master server" being the FTP server.

Ones the URL opens user can paste ="upload" image wihout FTP software.

try to name your images= recID eg. 10001.jpg...pasting will warn u of repleacements if the image egsists.

All the best!


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This topic is 6547 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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