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updating based on changes to globals


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have a portal with dynamic value lists and relationships based on globals. Here's my issue...

If I don't click outside the value lists, I can keep changing global fields and the portal updates automatically. Otherwise, it seems to stick and I have to continue to manually click outside the lists to get the portal to update.

Why will FM cease to recognize the changes in the global fields once until I click outside the lists?



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Sam has hit on an excellent possibility there. It's happened to me and it's a bugger to debug.

Basically the relationship starts behaving intermittently, especially portals and any value lists based on the relationship. It works but it's like you have to force FMP to update the relationship. It's caused by including a related field in the relationship sort order, then deleting the related field. The relationship then has an invalid field in the sort, and it screws things up.

There is a TechInfo article about it.

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Hi Vaughan,

I get it now. I couldn't understand if what was reported was really an inconsistent behavour or some classic exit field behaviour.

Now, this makes sense.

I was alo wondering where the global field was.

I debugged one of my files last week, where the values in the portal could change according to the value of a global. I spent a few hours to understand why the portal wasn't updating dynamically.

Then I found that the calcs were referencing a global field in the Master file (::Master:global) instead of just having the global in the related file.

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This topic is 6539 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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