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Bug that reoccurs


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The current set up of my contact database is one to many. I have one file with contacts and another with companies. When I click on the goto to company button it sometimes doesn't display the relating company, the scripts are as follows:

from contact -

Toggle Status Area[show, Lock]

Go to related record["organisations"] (with only show related record not selected - does this cause a problem?)

Perform Script[sub-scripts. External:"orgainisations.fp5")

above script in the organisations: just points it to the correct layout?

I suspect it is something to do with scripts that maybe have been paused?

Any ideas would be apprecaited, thanks


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Do you have more than 1 portal on the layout? If so, the Go to related record is getting confused. Before that step, add a Go to field and specifiy a field in the proper portal.

Are your key fields unique? I'd do this by assigning each company a unique serial #, and putting that # in the contact's record. The relationship would be between the #s. That way the company can change names, etc., and the contact will still be associated with the proper company.

Also, check to make sure that if the relationship's "Sort related records" is checked, the fields to sort by are defined.


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This topic is 6536 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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