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update a value list, the return


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Hi everybody,

I'm stuck with a little DB file which I downloaded here


I was advised by Ugo and this file was made originally by Djgogi.

The idea is to update a value list by presenting only the values not selected in another checkbox field.

So, everything works fine...but only for about 20 items !

The problem is, that I would like 100 items. In this case, It works fine If I select for instance item 65, 78, and 56 but not at all if I use item 2, 5, and 86.

Of course, I did all the field calculation modifications.

I've the felling that this is may be a calculation problem (especially for the "ent" calculation stuff) but I've no solution at all,

So, help !!!


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Yes, this tip file isn't designed for such long values. It was just a trick to handle a few categories I had in a few checkbox entries, as you can find out in the thread.

Goran just comes up with some wonderful tricks anytime he shows around. That's why some members here like to call him "The Inimitable Dj".

But true we should have (actually I though we did) mentionned the limitations of this trick. Also, I should have read more closely your request before answering Mse. I was focused on the checkboxes rather than the "81" values.

You may have a look to Ray (Cobaltsky) DynamicValueList demo, available from his website, which is more likely to suit your need, or move to a portal selection which would be easier to use for large lists and checkboxes.

I'm very sorry for this misunderstanding.


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Hi Ugo,

Don't be sorry ! for me also 20 items or 81 would it be the same story, but this is not the case !!

Anyway, I've learned a lot, trying to use this small and nice DB file, and I thank you for that.

I already did a portal selection to circumvent my problem, but it's not so elegant !

so, once again thank you to all the guys and gals in this very helpful and high-rated forum.

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This topic is 6533 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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