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Creating a new record and pasting related data from different dbase

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I've been working on a database for about 5 months now in my free time. Back in April of this year, I was using FMP3.0 - now I have 5.0 (which is amazing) = and a relationship that worked in 3 is now not working in 5. Let me explain.

I have a CONTACTS database that contains customer info, addresses, phone #s, ...

I have an INVOICES database that contains new invoice data entry, shipping info and invoice printing capabilities

CONTACTS and INVOICES both have a CONTACT ID field and I have created relationships to each other within each dbase.

Now, within CONTACTS the user will find the customer they want and they have the option to autmatically create a new invoice. Push the button - and boom, you are taken to the INVOICES dbase.

Next, you are viewing the data entry screen which shows a newly generated and unique invoice number. Now, the info from CONTACTS (addresses and such) should be pasted within the common fields of INVOICES. Not any more!!

Scripts I wrote include:

CONTACTS= Create new invoice for this customer (THIS WORKS!)

INVOICES= Create new invoice number (THIS WORKS!)

What isn't working is the relationship. I've tried dropping the relationship field in directly and I've tried using merge fields. Nope. No good. WHAT HAPPENED? Maybe I did it. Probably...but I don't remember messing it up.

I can email someone the two dbases if you'd like. They total 500k. crazy.gif" border="0

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they are both text. tried that too. thanks anyways. any other suggestions?


i originally placed this within the Relationships section. the scripts are working just fine. its the relationship, that i believe isn't working. all records created during the time i used FMP3 are perfect. the records created using FMP5 are the ones not behaving. someone moved it to the ScriptMaker section. oh well. hopefully i'll get help either way. crazy.gif" border="0

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This topic is 7766 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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