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email to database?


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whenever anyone sends me an order off my site i get this email:

--------- FORM DATA STARTS HERE ---------

<First Name>


<Last Name>



[email protected]

<Email Confirmed>

[email protected]


Potato House

Highland Road





<Refered By>


<Friend's Email>

[email protected]


Saving Private Ryan




make it snappy!



<Mobile/Phone Number>

07548 531468

---------- FORM DATA ENDS HERE ----------

Now the email is sent via a free email service so unfortunately i can't edit how it appears. wot i'm wondering is if i can get it so that when i open my database it will run a script that will open my mail application, (in this case it is actually the Mac OS X Jaguar application "Mail") read through the order emails which will always have the subject, "New Order" and import all the data present into the correct fields in a new record for each email. can i do this? if so how? i have encolsed my databases.

by the way, in the order database the "referred by" field should be the email address of the person who referred them.

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The download didn't work...

I don't know Mail's AppleScript dictionary, but this should be possible. Basically, get Mail to export as text the messages. The trick to making this easy is: can you tell Mail what to name the export file for each message? Have Filemaker import each message into a single text field. Have the script parse that field and set all the other fields.

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This topic is 6507 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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