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date calculation question

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Can someone tell me how I solve this problem

I need to add a field to a database that shows the creation record date (i already have set this up to automatically create this with every new record) + 11 months.

Also I need to create a field that shows a telephone number from another field but without the '-' between the code and rest of the number.

any help would be appreciated as I am desperate.

Version: v5.x

Platform: Mac OS 9

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Hello Robert,

As regards your first request, I suggest that you define a new field as an auto-enter-by-calculation date field and (assuming your creation date fields is called 'DateCreated'), enter the following formula:

Date(Month(DateCreated) + 11, Day(DateCreated), Year(DateCreated))

- which will work even if the eleven month period runs over into the next year (as it frequently will).

Your second question is fairly straightforward. You can eliminate the '-' by using a calculation such as:

Substitute(YourPhoneNumberField, "-", "")

That will work if you want to remove *all* ocurrences of the '-' character from the phone number. If you want to remove only the first occurrence, then you'll need a slightly more complex calc such as:

Replace(YourPhoneNumberField, Position(YourPhoneNumberField, "-", 1, 1), 1, "")

See how you go with the above suggestions, and sing out if you are still having problems. wink.gif

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This topic is 6705 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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