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multiple portals


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We use filemaker for publishing of books and we want to use filemaker to also create our flatplans onscreen - this makes sense as the databse holds all our production details.

So what is needed is a layout where there are 32 records per page. These have to be in four rows of eight,so the page is landscape.

Now this can be easily done by setting up the layout to have 8 columns across etc which can be seen in preview mode. However in preview mode you cant access the data. For that you have to go to browse mode which reverts to a single column. This is no good, we want to be able to access data while in the layout mentioned before.

I figured that this could possible be done by creating a relational database, with effectively only 1 record and then having multiple portals, which could be positioned in such a way as to mimic the 32 record per page layout. Each record from the other database would then be editible.

Each portal would need a "page number" field which could then have a realtionship to the page number in the main database. However, because all the portals are in one record, i assume i would have to make a new field for each page number. However, considering the max book size is 600 pages, is their a better way than stting up 600 "page number" fields and 600 relationships?

FileMaker Version: Dev 6

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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Make your portal relationships based in part on one global Page Number field. When it changes, all portals change to reflect the new page.

Look up a calendar example to see how this is done.

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This topic is 6503 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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