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Multiple page PDFs


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On a recent project I wanted to embed PDFs into a container field. I used AppleScript to do so, using the GraphicsImporter OSAX to get the image from the file. However I was disappointed to see that I could only get one page. I hadn't thought of this before; but I find that all graphics programs only see the 1st page of a PDF.

I want to embed each page into the container field(s), so it is completely viewable within FileMaker, across a simple network; using v.6 (for now anyway).

The Preview application is NOT AppleScript, neither is Acrobat Reader. I found a little app that is, PDFpen. It even comes with an example AppleScript for breaking a PDF file into separate files, one each per page. Unfortunately it has a bug which stops it at 2 pages. The author has acknowledged and says it will be fixed.

But, for now, does anyone know if Acrobat can do this, and is either AppleScriptable (preferred), or can build a macro to do this; or any other AppleScriptable application that could do this?

A secondary question, also dubious, is whether anyone knows if/when it will be possible to actual print a real PDF from a FileMaker container field.

It prints like a 72 dpi screenshot, not like a PDF. Strangely enough this is consistently poor in both v.6 and 7; even though the display itself in some cases behaves like a real PDF, i.e., scales smoothly.

The method used to bring in the PDF affects whether or not its display is smooth. But the methods producing which result are exactly opposite in v.6 and 7; as someone else documented here with EPS files.

If anyone can shine any light, please do.

FileMaker Version: 6

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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If you import the PDF as Quicktime, then you can play through the entire document inside Filemaker. If you import it as a picture, you only see the first page.

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Most interesting. Never tried that. It works pretty well. Do you possibly know a way to insert it that way via AppleScript?

I can see how to do it via a fixed name file, which I could switch easily enough. But I wondered if there was a direct command via AppleScript.

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This topic is 6506 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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