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Save Found Set of Contacts To Create Compiled List


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Hello all and thanks for your help.

I am a bit perplexed.

I have created a sort of events mailing list database where you can compile lists of people to invite to different events.

You invite each person by pulling up the event in a portal in each persons contact database, and then the information for each person invited is sent to a database called Events Lists.

In this database, all of the information of each person is stored and is used for emailing, mailing labels, etc.

The question I have is.

I would like when I make a new event, and I want to invite people to it, to go over to the contacts database and find groups of people, perhaps by kind of person, and then once I have a found set of the people i want to invite, send all of their information over to the Events Lists Database.

This would save me a lot of time in compiling people for events.

Is there a way also for a check box that lives in a portal to automatically be checked once I pull up the event and invite the person?

Thanks for all of your help, again, and have a great day!



FileMaker Version: 6

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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The person could be a member of many different groups.

I basically just want the user to be able to go to the contacts database, choose a group of people...perhaps by their client type, and then choose to invite all of them, sending the information to the events list.



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The easy way to do this is to use a script to find those Contacts that match a chosen Client Type, then import those into Events List. But this approach is limited. You can't really mark the multiple events they have been invited to (except by adding lines to a text field, like a log.) And there's not a good way to have one contact be a member of many groups.

A better way is to design a couple more tables to track groups, group membership, and event invitations. The ER diagram below shows my first thoughts on how that could be done. Each box is a separate entity (table) and each line is a primary relationship.

For this design to work, each contact would have to be a member of some group in order to get invited to an event.

Hope that gives you some ideas.

FileMaker Version: Dev 6

Platform: Mac OS X Panther


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This topic is 6481 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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