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Question on Unstored Calc Fields

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I have a question about how unstored calculation fields work.

Do unstored calculation fields take any storage space in the database or hard drive? Are they only stored in RAM on the clients computer. Do the calculations evaluate at the moment they are displayed on the screen. Does FM Server (5.5 or 7) store any of these unstored calcs for faster access.


I have an unstored calculation field 'graphicDisplay' that displays a graphic, depending on what the value in another field 'option' is (it can be a 0 or 1). I toggle 'option' field between 0 and 1 with a script button. I pull the graphics from a global repeating field 'graphics' to the 'graphicDisplay' field.

Now is this graphic stored in 'graphicDisplay' for every record that is created? If the graphic is 2kb and I have 10000 records is this 20000 kb or ~20 MB in storage to the database?

If it is not stored in the record's calculation field 'graphicDisplay', I have the global repeating field 'graphics' (stores all the original graphics) kept in a separate db file sitting on the client's machine and the data file that holds all the 'option' and 'graphicDisplay' field records is hosted by FMServer. Does this increase network traffic? In other words, when the 'graphicDisplay' calc field is evaluated, does it pull the graphic from the global field 'graphic' on client machine, sends it to FMServer then back to client and display it? Or does it by pass the server and not send any graphic data across the network.

Reason for this question, I am trying to figure out the limitations of separating the interface and logic from the data files. How much network traffic is increased with this method of solution.

Any insight is appreciated.

FileMaker Version: 7

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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This topic is 7396 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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