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Audit Trails vs. Undo

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I like the new ability to (at layout level) provide Undo to people. Too bad it wasn't at the field level (or is it?). I use Ray's Audit log for 7. It somehow tracks each field change (i can use it but don't really understand it).

Why can't that information be reversed to provide our guys with a revert ability at the field level? Audit logs capture it? Why can't they be used to put it back? Maybe even several levels.


FileMaker Version: Dev 7

Platform: Windows XP

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Sorry, forgot. I dislike it asking if it needs to be saved every time someone does something. It's kinda cool for SOME fields but it drives me crazy. I wanted to instead provide a <-> button by some fields (most fields) which when clicked would go back in time at least twice maybe. I hope that makes more sense. grin.gif

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Thank you yes. I can produce a text field containing the changes. I just can't figure out how to reverse the process and pull the fields back out. I don't want to change from Cobalt's Audit to something else. Would it help if I showed you the log text field which is produced and see if I can use Get Field or something to pull it back out? It captures the date time and field name with before and after entries. But it is separated by tabs.

I tried 'reading' a line and figuring it out but Im not good at text calcs - pulling stuff out of the middle of text. It says the field name - I would like to 'grab' that then grab the 'before' text and put it back. Maybe easy for all of you but I've been working on it for two weeks with no luck. crazy.gif

I don't want to redo my audit log because I like it. Only two fields are needed - not like prior FM versions. Maybe I should go to Rays undo for prior versions than 7 - or rolling log but ... again, it audit works very well in 7. Some of you guys are great at parsing text stuff. Would you be willing to give me some ideas on it just to get me at least started in the right direction? I'd sure be greatful.

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I would create a very simple additional audit trail containing only the field info with a clear delimiter (e.g. "~%~"). Your script would just parse the last field content from this simple audit trail field and set the field to that value. [Your script would require a calc that incorporates the patterncount(), postion(), length() and right() functions.]

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We meet again, John! smile.gif

"You script would require a calc that incorporates the patterncount(), postion(), length() and right() functions.] "

Yeah. That's the problem. I study and study those and still have trouble using them. With 7 you can now have a regular field change value by clicking this little box under enter automatically with calculation. And it changes the field (I'm pretty sure). I like it adding to log automatically (all fields). These are the new things I wanted to use:

1) Can it (or Custom Function) write to multi calc line, dropping the last item each time if over 10 (resurcive?) - with all fields like Ray's lists out and pull back out of it? OR can I figure out how to pull from Audit Log text lines? I want only 10 lines to list then the last one drop off and I want it for all fields like audit log. But then allow reverse on any field by pulling back out of it.

this kind of parse is above me - log_txt. i've worked porbably 60 hours on it. Trying nested substitutes and counting the line by [return symbol] and use Get Field. Can't find field name in the text string at all. Way above me. I get 4986 as a result, or some other such ridiculous thing.

Could someone look at that demo and help me please? Here is what I have - can't show calcs because it never lets me out of the box. Okay, roughly this is it:

Use ... okay, here's where I get lost.

Anyway, using a calc I've been able to remove the spaces and count how many rows. tongue.gif I know the field name because someone clicks the 'undo' next to it. Should be able to find that field name (the last time it was edited) in a multi-lined text field by matching them, then find contents right after the tab from that field name and BEFORE the > and put that back into the field, again using Get Field. crazy.gif Someone good with text should be able to do it. I can't.

Is my frustration with this showing? I know it can be done. I just can't do it.


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This topic is 6682 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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