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FM Application error.

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Hi there, i face an error that will cause the database damage or system hang. I have post the error message picture. So, hope somebody can let me know what's the actual reason that will cause this problem.

Thank you



FM Error 2.jpg

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Or, there may be another application or device holding onto that memory location while FM is trying to access it. There is a similar thread <url=http://www.lacknergroup.com>here</url>. This can be a very tough problem to diagnose if this is in fact the problem.


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It's not necessarily true that the RAM chip(s) is/are bad. It could be that Device A has locked the memory unit at location 0x00000004 for its own processes, and that memroy works fine for those purposes. Now along comes FMP and tries to use that same memory location--bad move. FMP will not be able to read from and/or write to that location since Device A has it locked, and unfortunately, Filemaker is not fault-tolerant on this, so it yields the error you showed us.

The difficulty in troubleshooting this is that there is not necessarily a problem with the RAM itself. You should try changing it just to see if it is really a problem, but if that doesn't resolve the issue, you're in for a lot of work trying to figure out what is locking that memory. Troubleshooting that is beyond my ability... i usually just give up, honestly, because it's not worth the time for me.


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This topic is 5905 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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