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Retrieve date from most recent portal record

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I'm working with two databases - the first "CustomerData" contains a portal to "ItemSales".

CustomerData is customer contact information, billing address, shipping address, etc.

ItemSales is purchase information

So when I view CustomerData I can see their purchase activity from within the portal.

My problem is: I'm trying to define a calculation field in CustomerData that returns the last InvoiceDate (the most recent one) from the ItemSales data inside the portal.

For example if I have 3 sales records for a customer showing inside the portal, each record begins by showing the InvoiceDate field....

1. 6/4/03, .........

2. 12/15/03, .......

3. 3/5/04, ........

I'd like to retrieve the 3rd date, 3/5/04, in my calculation field in CustomerData.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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You can utilize the Max() function to isolate the newest date per Customer.

Create a calculation (date) with: Max(ItemSales::Date)

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While MoonShadow's Max is right, there is another function that is faster. But the data has to have been entered in chronological order, ie., the last entered and the latest are the same. With Invoices and items this would be true, I imagine.

It's found in the Repeating functions section, 'cause if was first used with repeating fields.


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