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Open URL script not working correctly

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I have a image database running on 5.5 server, and publishing via IWP using 5.5 Unlimited.

I have just created an OPEN URL script that opens the full size image (with a reduced version also displayed in a container field as a reference only)

The Open URL script opens the file using the path recorded in a field called URL.

This functions totally successfully within FMP5.5, and appears to also work in IWP, but only when browsing all records. When browsing a found set of record within IWP running the OPEN URL script opens the image for the wrong item. For instance when browsing a set of 4 records, clicking on the OPEN URL script for the 4th record will open up the image for the 4th record in the database, rather than the actual record I am browsing.

I have searched the web and Usenet for this problem but can't find any mention of it, and from everything I've read this seems to work successfully for others.

My webcompanion pluging is patched to v5.5.4.

Does anyone have any insight on what I am doing wrong?



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Hi, caitlin! I'm afraid I don't work with scripts often and hear that executing scripts over the web can be unpredictable, although I think FM7 (Advanced Server?) is supposed to be better at that than v4-6. Hopefully, someone from the Instant Web Publishing forums will be able to help you.

If you have the URL to the image in the field in its entirety, though, can you not make it a clickable link, e.g. http://www.yoursite.com/images/fullsize/photo.jpg, or does IWP not allow you to do that? In Custom Web Publishing, it's fairly simple...

<A HREF="[FMP-field:URL]">View Full Size</A>

Hmm... maybe there's a way to make IWP process data so that you can generate that line in calculation fields and have it insert it as part of the HTML returned to the browser. Sorry, just thinking out loud... I don't know enough about IWP.

Anyone else? I can only hit a foul ball here...


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Try this tag [FMP-LinkRecID: format=yourimagepage.htm, layout=data]

The link should go to your page to display the image.

- If you can do it with calculations and CDML tags it is much better and more predictable than relying on scripts.

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This topic is 7149 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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