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Startup script, date reminder - Urgent!

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Hi there,

In my database of contacts, each 'person' has a dateRemind field and a remindNote field. The idea is that you enter the date you want to be reminded of the remindNote.

So I need help creating a script that launches upon filemaker being opened, then searches all the dateRemind fields for ones that match the current date, and upon finding any puts up a little message for the user showing the remindNote.

It sounds easy in my head, but I'm a newcomer to filemaker to putting it to practise is a bit harder, any help would be most gratefully recieved I've been trying to get it working but I just am at the bottom of a learning curve and im not sure how to climb it smile.gif" border="0

Thanks so much,


[email protected]

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There are a little more efficient ways (and more complex), but I'll give you the simple answer. You need to perform a progammed find in a script:

Allow User Abort (off)

Set Error Capture (on)

Enter Find Mode ()

Set Field (dateRemind, Status(CurrentDate))

Set Field (Person, Status(CurrentUser))

Perform Find ()

If (Status(Current Error) <> 401)

Show Message ("You have a reminder")

End If

This assumes that Status(CurrentUser) will give you the current person looking for their notes. If multiple people use the same machine or the machine name isn't the user name, you will need to provide another mechanism to capture the name of the person opening the file. This approach will also miss a date if the file is not checked on the exact date of the reminder. To prevent this you will need to mark notes that have already had a reminder displayed. You find would then become for any notes on or before the current data that have not been marked.


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This topic is 7361 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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