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audit trail

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Here's the deal:

I had to create a FileMaker app that provided an audit trail--that is, where every change, including its substance, time, date and connected person, is logged in an audit file. So I've done this with a very elaborate set of scripts and layouts. Basically, people create new records, enter what they need to enter and then "commit" the record, so that no further changes can be made without taking them through the audit log scripts.

Now, the users want to have more than one record "open" at a time. (Give them an inch...) So my question is, has anyone done something like this and how did you do it? Is there a way to make FileMaker capable of being opened in more than one instance? (On WinNT, you can have an arbitrary number of Excels, for example, open at once, yet you can have only one FileMaker open.)

Any thoughts? Would be most grateful.


PS I'm cross posting between security and scriptmaker!

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I think you made a large leap in logic. Giving the effect of accessing more than on record at a time probably doesn't require anything so radical as multiple copies of the OS session running multiple copies of FM. The simplest case is two records shown in a list view. Another option is using a couple of sets of global fields to display two records worth of data and still maintain audit trail tracking.


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This topic is 7361 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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