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ommiting duplicates...

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I have a huge data base, and I am trying to pull up the list of all the "names".

I pull up the report and sort it by the "name" so that the duplicates are in groups.

Now what I need is a list of the "names" with out the duplicates, so I know how many different names I have.

I tried using the omit multiple but that one you have to do it manually one at a time. And it will take way too long. In Excel, it was easy, all you had to do in excel was select the entire and click advanced sort and it would automatically omit all the multiple.

There has to be an automated way to do this...but i can not figure it out. Maybe i should post this in script board since it might be a scripting problem?


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You will basically have to loop through the found set and omit all the duplicates. It is a pretty easy solution. Basically:

Goto First Record

Store Starting Test Values (i.e. Name)

Goto Next Record


Test Record (i.e. gTestName = Name)

If Duplicate

Omit Record


Store Test Values

Goto Next Record [Exit after last]

End Loop

Some tweaks will need to be made, but this is basically the pattern. Obviously this is pseudo-code so do not look for this script steps exactly.

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