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Sharing Online How?


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Just got some new laptop broadband datacards so there is now a need to have our database accessable on the internet (as opposed to intranet).

Can some one tell me what is the best route to take. Should I purchase Unlimited and is this fully intergratable into the server 5.5 or do I have to share a standalone version?

A nice online step by step instructions would be nice or is there any software out there?

Also do I have to share it as HTML through IE or can I access it through Filemaker Pro ?

Any help would be great

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Hi, Simon! I don't use Server but I think Unlimited/Server is common... different machines are recommended, though, I think. We web publish and network serve from the same host, but I hear that is not recommended, either.

FMP 4-6 has Instant Web Publishing (IWP) and Custom Web Publishing (CWP); the former is the built-in FileMaker-designed option and the latter is the more versatile, up-to-you-and-your-webskills option. FMP7 and FMP7 Advanced Server have changed things up a bit, though, and I don't have either. I do know that CWP has changed and CDML will not be a part of it anymore. I could be wrong, but I think FMP7AS will require more advanced web development skills whereas FMP4-6 let you get by on the "talented amateur" level with relatively little coding.

Unlimited comes with Web Server Connector (which has always been kinda mysterious to me) but allows you to use your standard web server such as Apache to serve your data. Other than that, it's the same thing as plain old client but without the IP resstriction. I'd suggest trying it out on Dev 6 or Standard Client before getting Unlimited.. make sure it's what you want/need. Just keep in mind CDML's demise.


(whew! made it throught the post without a single Simon Sez reference!)

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I use FMP 6 unlimited on a dedicated MAC OS X server to server db's on the web and to also allow administrators throughout the school system to update information in order to lighten my workload. All our static pages reside on one server and the dynamic content on the second server using FMPro as the web server with the portal set to 80 (default for html websites).

Access to db's is via html pages and CDML tags. It works very well and I'm very disappointed that FMP 7 no longer supports CDML tags.

Be sure to keep clean unused copies of your db's and to back up frequently.

Also, make sure you have the latest versions of Web Companion plugin installed. Earlier versions of Web Coompanion would sometimes 'freeze' and lock up the server.

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This topic is 6433 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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