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Using Filemaker over a VPN


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Any tips for using filemaker over a VPN? I have a database running in an office on Filemaker Server 5.5, that works fine on office based terminals (OSX). However, we've just set up a homeworker with a VPN and there are parts of the 'system' that run very slowly, mostly involving extended "replace" functions. Are there any "easy-fix"s out there or do I need to redesign the whole thing?

Any advice gratefully received


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Thanks for the advice. I'll look into FM7. Would I need to update everything to FM7 or just the Server? Looking at the other forums there appear to be some speed issues with FM7, do you think they will be sorted out by FIlemaker at some point?

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Since you have experience with FileMaker remote access over a WAN, I would greatly appreciate your advice on a project. I have to make a major decision quickly for a client whether or not to use FileMaker 7 for an application for use over a VPN. Would you please look at the plan and tell me if you see any red flags?

Here's the basic idea:

At the primary office Filemaker 7 Server will host the application, host clients for the majority of data entry and execute printing of letters and sending email. The largest table will have possibly 30-50,000 records - with aging calcs.

Remote clients will have DSL/Cable connections thru VPN and run the application - mostly on much smaller sets of records related by client. They need to analyse the data subset, drill down to other views/layouts/related records, open/close windows, change field entries and run scripts to tell the host to print letters and send emails.

I believe I will need a Troi plugin to execute the print and email at the server.

However, my main worry at this point is speed. Initially the host site will only have DSL or cable, but that could upgrade with the business. BUT, the remote users will only have DSL/Cable speeds. It's important that the application run reasonably fast enough for them.

At first there will only be one or two remote users. Eventually there will be many others - however, these clients will be performing much fewer functions.

If it were you, would you commit to developing on FileMaker for this application? If so, should I develop differently with a speed bump in mind.

Thank you very much for any advice you can provide.


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This topic is 6370 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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