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Using a complicated script with Related Databases

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I am working with FM 4.0. I have 3 main databases that are interrelated. Customers, Inventory, and Orders. Each database has some data that the other database does not contain. I've been trying to make the system more efficient since I started this job.

What I need to do:

(I am using a field that has data in all 3 databases as the defining relationship comparison. It is the ISBN number of the inventory)

I want the script to tell me which ISBNs are in stock but that the customer has not already recieved. Then I will use this list to define types of items within those ISBNs to determine the shipment.

I need a script to:

Perform a find in Inventory then

compare the data in another found set in Orders.

It must then eleminate any records that appear in both found sets but keep the records from the Inventory found set that are unique.

It then must use those records to perform a user defined find.

I have the basic idea, but the problem is that some of the records are listed more than once in one or both databases. How do I make it eliminate all duplicate records?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Start by showing what you have already done. There are about 1 billion ways to accomplish what you want to do and I am sure that the way any of us will explain it will be totally opposite of what you have already started.

My guess, from what you have already written, is that you have a VERY SMALL problem, possibly even just one step, and if we can see what you already have we might be able to spot it.

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This topic is 7332 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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