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Custom dialogue for validation

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Hi there!

I have a problem with validations... Since validations are not performed via a script, I cannot create my own custom dialogue box when there's an error. Sure, I can display a custom message, but I cannot change the buttons REVERT and OK, nor the title bar. Is there a way to change those too? It is not that it is so much of a problem, but I like things perfectly done, and that disturbs me... If there is no solution to that problem, maybe there is a way to tell FileMaker to run into a script upon changes in this field? In that case, I would know how to solve the problem... Any idea?

Thanks for considering my request.

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Hello H.P.,

The 'free' plug-in you're referring to is actually the same plug-in that I mentioned which ships on the FileMaker Developer 7 CD-ROM.

However I suspect that the glum tone of Andre

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perhaps this might be of use:


if ur just looking for "revert" part of it....but I think u would have to "Send Dialog Box" from script to get the "Title" and field involved in the error etc.

Maybe u could fake an "entry" simmilar to web forms where [submit] button would trigger the scipts of ....this would mean that u must have:

- a "temp_entry" file and ones validated data would have to be "SetFields" to "true file"

- duplicates of field in globals which will temp. hold the info and then scripted action would add/edit/delete..etc into "true" fields

....all this work just to emulate "on Exit of Field".... frown.gif

or as said...v 7 : ...which is an option but not a solution.

good luck!

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This topic is 6435 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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