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Evil plot - Calc Field vs Calculated Value?

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I dove head first into 7, creating big solutions from the ground up. However, I haven't yet decided what the difference is between a true Calc field and any other old Text or Number field set to a Calculated value, especially when it's set to replace the exisitng value.

I'm inclined not to use any Calc fields unless it's for interfac purposes to keep users from trying to modify them. -Hell, I can even have a previously "unstored" calc field as a "stored" field when I create it in anything other than a Calc field.

If there isn't really any difference, is this just an evil plot by FMP to confuses us computer geeks?

So what gives? What's the real difference and when should I use one versus the other?

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Hi Bruce,

Here is my understanding but I am still new at 7 also (aren't we all?):

Auto-enter calculation (with 'Do Not Replace..." clicked) still can't fake "unstoredness", they must be stored, as that's what they are. With functions such as Get() the current value will be stored and some external change must happen to spur it to change. And relational references will act like Lookups (won't change when the relationship changes). I am not totally clear on the relational aspect but it seems to be true so far.

But this new enhancement in 7 can still replace many calculations and there may even be ways to force a recalculation (as there was in prior versions using modtime) - haven't tried this yet. And you can change the field properties to keep Users from trying to access these fields. I use auto-enter as much as possible.

I hope this helps you and look forward to other input on the subject. The possibilities of it fascinate me. wink.gif

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This topic is 6430 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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