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Scheduling Calander Query

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Hi guys

Hope this is the right forum fo rthis query. I don't know if anyone can help with my problem involving a scheduling calendar in FM7.

I have a bookings/appointments table for my staff. I want to export this information to an FMP calendar and see at a glance what bookings I have for any particular day/date/month.

When I click on a booking on a specific date, say June 16th 2004, it says that my colleague 'John' has to be in London between 4pm and 6pm and that he is being paid a fee of $100.00 to do XYZ. The initial entry on June 16th cold be my invoice or booking number. All this information will be drawn into the calendar table from the bookings table where it was entered.

Therefore, at a glance I can see the whole of June 2004 and which dates within that month have bookings.

Other possibilities:

For different staff/colleagues I could have a different colour for the entry in the calendar.

It would be cool to export a staff member's forthcoming bookings and email it to them in Excel or csv format as well as being able to export all the staff members activities so I can see the whole picture at a glance.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to resolve this. I was thinking that it shouldn't be too hard to achieve.

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Rather than export this information into an FMP calendar, you might consider the calendar as window on to the table in which you've already recorded your bookings/appointments. If this was a 30 day view, for instance, it would show those records from your table which fall within that month.

You can try this out with the free version of CC Calendar: one of the FAQ entries included with the calendar contains instructions for swapping out the default appointments file for one of your own.

Should at least get you started: http://www.clevelandconsulting.com/cp-app/ste_cat/CCCalendarMain




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This topic is 7105 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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