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Using FX.php with FM Developer 7...?

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I recently upgraded from FileMaker Pro 6 to Developer 7 and haven't had much luck connecting my FM database's back up with my PHP scripts. With FM6 I used the Web Companion plug-in, set it to port 591, and that pretty much did it. Now in FMD7 I don't have the Web Companion plug-in and there's three new sharing control panels. The closest thing I could find was IWP but I'm using Apache as my webserver, and it keeps trying to serve my files from a differnet folder. My webserver was setup using the package from http://www.devside.net, I've updated PHP and added some extensions but I won't bother getting into that.

Can someone give me a hand just getting the default FX.php to run? I have the files placed exactly as I did when it ran with FM6 with Web Companion, so I just need to know what settings to turn on in which sharing control panel. I tried combinations of each one but can't seem to get it working correctly. I tried searching on these forums but wasn't able to turn up much, so I'm sorry if this question as been answered before.


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I just wish that FileMaker would realize at what they are doing. Many people use FileMaker as the database on the web. We just like doing it. Why do they have to only care about themselves and making more money? They should be a company for the people. People want ease of use, they want their CDML. If that means using FM 6, many will just stay with that to use their web solutions. Hopefully in the future, FileMaker will wisen up.

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This topic is 7106 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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