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Script for sending 3 reports to 3 different printers?

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Hi guys n gals,

I'm sure I've seen this question up on the Forums before but I didn't need the answer and now I do.


In an orders database, before confirming an order, I input the method of payment (ie: Cheque, Cash, Credit Card, etc) for a Mail Order Shipment. I later am able to print out all Invoices 'Sign & Return with Cheque' form for people who are paying by cheque. I can print out a report of all people paying Credit card with the number, issue number, exp date to be given to someone in the company to process on a PDQ machine and then later update the system to state PAYMENT RECEIVED or DECLINED. If it is PAYMENT RECEIVED then I can do a script that produces a receipt and delivery note and labels to go on the package.

Each of these proceedures are not a problem manually.

However Problem:

I have three different types of paper

1. Letter headed for the Sign & Return form

2. Plain Paper for the Receipt and Delivery note and most other


and 3. Labels (Avery Laser Labels L7160) for the packages.

I have three printers which can be loaded up with a paper type in each.


How do I, within a script, send the print job of labels to the printer with the labels, send the print job of Sign & Return's to the printer with the letter headed paper and send the print job of all other reports and receipts to the printer with plain paper in it?

This doesn't seem too much to ask for but cannot think of a way of doing it. Please help!

Thank you in advance!

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In theory you need 3 scripts, one to control the output to each printer. They could be done via a single script, but it is easier to manage if the job is broken down. They can all be controlled via a single master script however.

The problem is that Filemaker cannot switch the active printer simply via the Scriptmaker. You need an outside force to control the printer switching part.

You did not mention platform, but Applescript, WinBatch or some of the existing Filemaker plugins can all accomplish this task.

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Thanks guys,

I haven't tried it yet but have read through the referenced file with the Apple script.

If a printer has two trays, is there any addition that can have slightly more custom information like choosing tray number? This is probably asking too much but thought it was worth asking.


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If you are using a Postscript printer--and you should be if you're trying to get this sophisticated--then yes there is a way to select trays or the manual feed slot. It also involves applescript, and you need to modify the printer's PPD file. I've done this on a solution that I am currently developing to print cheques and summary info from diffenent paper trays.

This question has come up a few times. So, rather than post the method in this thread I will post it in the development standards forum.


[ December 18, 2001: Message edited by: BobWeaver ]

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This topic is 7247 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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