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UPgrade file rejected by older relationship

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A year ago I created a massive program with 46 related database files. Some of the files have source data only in them and the source data is tobe upgraded each year by a download from the web. One file is causing me fits.

The new file is different in many ways from the one created last year but the scripts that should link the two files is the same. The old file that excutes the Preform Script will not accept the new script. I have been sure to use the same spelling, case ect. as the old file.

Anyone have any ideas how I can make the old file accept the new file?

Two days later...

Thanks for the help. I did an import of all the scripts from the new file into the old file as well as import of all new layouts. It took a while but not as long as it would have starting from scratch.

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AFAIK FMP does not look at the script name, but rather uses an internal script Id to identify them which we cannot see. (This internal ID enables us to easily rename scripts without breaking the solutions). The internal ID is partly dependent upon the order in which the scripts are created.

Possibly the problem is that the replacement files have scripts that are created in a different order to the oiginal. My advice is to duplicate the old file and modify it to the new format, but be very careful to retain the original scripts -- that is, modify the scripts rather than delete and create new.

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This topic is 7246 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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