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Inserting a value into a repeating field.

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I have a database set up as a basic ledger. Credits, debits and a total. It is used to keep track of company money given to employees on a monthly basis. Both the credits and debits fields are repeating number fields. There are about 1400 employees grouped into many different departments. Generally all employees in a department are given the same amount of company money per period. For example, all shipping employees get 50.00 while all stocking employees may get 39.00 for the month of July.

Instead of going through an adding a credit to 1400 individual records I would like a script to add a credit to all records in a found set (such as finding all employees in the stocking department). I think the real problem is the repeating fields. If I try to enter a value into a global field and then place that value into the credit field on a found set it will insert it however it will delete any existing numbers.

If I split the repeating fields into separate records and set up a relationship would that help? I would still need some way to do a mass insert into the credit field for only a found set.

Any suggestions?


P.S. using MAC FPM 5.5

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This topic is 7210 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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