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PDF not fully created

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In Mac OS X.3/FM 6: I have a layout that exists as four pages (the page setup for 44" in length). Preview only shows the first page with a "?" symbol on the "rolodex" -- when you click through the rolodex, the other (3) pages show up, "?" disappears and the four pages appear in a numbered order ....

Accordingly, when the user tries to create a a pdf. via "print" > .pdf, the pdf only shows the first page of the four page layout.

How can I correct this?

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Wow. Lots of variables here.

FMP lets you specify page breaks in parts and summary fields, etc. AND "Page Setup" for the printer.

Whew ! (I don't have 6 installed to go to the Help menu but FMP7 has at least a dozen relevant pages of Help Info.)

Your PAGE SETUP page size should be 8.5x11 if you want four pages.

Then your LAYOUT will be 4 pages tall and prints a four page doc.

Sounds like that is what you are getting EXCEPT the "parts" and "fields"on the layout may not be described correctly and it truncates the output.

Also, as a last resort, ALWAYS make sure the device and page setup are as they need to be EACH TIME you print. I can not tell you how many times I printed the wrong size page on the wrong printer or fixed the same problem for someone else.


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Here's the solution I found:

In FM > Page Setup>Settings > choose "custom paper size" and set-up 44" for page length (four pages/PO) and save with a name (for example, "four page") > click "save".

I think I tried this before but didn't see that as a next step you have to open Page Setup again and "four page" again in "paper size" > OK.

Then select File > Print and in the next dialog box where there is a pop-up, choose FileMaker Pro > Current record > Save as PDF > Desktop >select "use ,pdf" > OK.

This will put this procedure in the print script routine. Also I found that the "four page" I did here also was available in Word though not as a default .....

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