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show related from a global field

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I am trying to use a portal to so me related records from a table as I type into a global field. Example if I type 'Da' in he global field i'll get all the records from my user table that have a name of Davis, Dali, Dance....

Table 1 is Users

has a field for ID, First name and Last Name (other fields too but not important here.)

I have another table lets call it User Logs their main are relation is via the ID field.

I've tried making additional tables and relating the global field to the ID number and many combination of that but i just cant seem to get it working.

Any suggestion to get this working would be greatly appreciated.

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For the relationship to match, the global text field in the local table where you enter a partial name must match something in the related table. This can be done with a multi-key match field, but these are most easily made with a custom function (you need the Developer version to add a custom function to your solution.) Another method uses the new range relationship operators (<,>,<=,>=) to show related records whose key is greater than or equal to the text in your global. I'll see if I can dig up an example of this technique.

This by itself does not give you results "as you type" (a method referred to a clairvoyance.) Typically, the parent key field must be exited before a portal updates. I think Cobalt Sky has a demo of clairvoyance that's a little more refined. There are also plugins that can do some of this.

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You can find an example of the range relationship for your portal on databasepros.com. In the Resource section, do a search for "Type Ahead". Take a look at the FM7 version.

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