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Mike Owen

Script loop interrupted by clicking other buttons

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I'm having a problem with users interrupting a loop in a running script, by clicking other buttons (activating other scripts). (It's a navigation script to select the destination from a pop-up list WITHOUT having to click a further button to run a "Go to Layout" script.)

The loop has to include the step "Pause/Resume script ["0:00:00"]" to make the pop-up list stay open on screen (MacOS).

Go to Field - (makes pop-up list appear)


Pause/Resume script ["0:00:00"] - (keeps pop-up list open during loop)

Exit Loop If - (exits loop when user selects a value from pop-up list )

End Loop

Go to Layout - [Layout number from field] - (= selected value from pop-up)

However, when the user clicks any other button during this loop, the other button's script seems to take over, BUT the pause isn't resumed, leaving the user to work out he/she must click the 'Continue' button.

Any clues to 'the elegant solution' much appreciated.


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Make a new layout without the other button; go to that layout for this script.

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