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Mike Owen

Administrator passwords for all to see !!!!!

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On a cross platform network when a Macos user tries to modify a record in use by someone using a PC, the user gets a message saying: -

"[password] is modifying this record. You cannot use it until [password] is finished.

... thus broadcasting your password to all and sundry !

It's not a problem the other way round, as the PC user is given the MacOS user name, not the FMP password.

Can anyone tell me how to patch up my defences ... quick.


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There are two ways the user name can be set. It can come from the OS or can be set in the client copy of FM as a preference. The source is also controlled by the FM preference. It seems unlikely that a bug has gone without discovery given the time these products have been out. Make sure the preference within FM 6 on the Windows machine hasn't set the user name to the password.


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