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How to limit scope of reports


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Sorry I wasn't clear. I was using basic FM terminology. Perhaps you need to spend a little more time with the FM manual.

A record is a single entry in a file (table), much as a 3x5 card is a "record" in a card file. A found set is the subset of records in a file resulting from a find (query). A report in FM is created by the combination of a set of found records, a layout (form) which defines the format for the report and a sort operation to order the records and allow summarization of information.

To create the report, first add any "summary" fields using the "Define Fields..." item in the file menu. To sum any field across multiple records, you will need to create a summary field for that item defined as the "Total of".

Next you will need to create a "layout" which defines the format of the report you desire. The notion of "parts" of a layout is similar to that used in a word processor (header, body, footer) with the addition of several special "parts" - subsummaries, title headers, title footers, and trailing grand summaries which prove useful in certain circumstances.

If you are only interested in printing a report for one salesperson at a time, a simple layout with a Header, Body, and Footer will meet your needs.




If you desired to print a report of all the salespersons, summarized by salesperson, the parts of the report layout might look like:


Subsummary by SalesmanID (leading)


Subsummary by SalesmanID (trailing)


This format would allow you to title each salespersons records with their ID and name (in the leading subsummary) and provide a total sales dollars number in the trailing subsummary. You can also configure the subsummary parts to include a page feed either before or after.

To isolate a set of records, navigate to a layout on which the Salesman ID and date fields are displayed. Use the View menu to select Find Mode. Type in the desired Salesman ID and a date range. The date range is entered in the form "1/1/2001...6/20/2001". Press the enter key. A search is performed and the appropriate records are now the "found set". These can now be sorted.

After the desired records are isolated and sorted, you can navigate to the layout you have created and print the report from the File menu.


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This topic is 7529 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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