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lookup question

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I'm having trouble with a look-up field. I have correctly made the relation, and the lookup works, except for one field. I am trying to put the e-mail address in a field called "eMail" in the master, from a field named "street" in the original/lookup database. (whatever it is called). However, when I make it go (for lack of a better phrase) by entering the last name, things such as address and first name show up but the e-mail address does not.

>It works to place a different original field in the "eMail" field in the master.

>It does not work to create another field in the original named "eMail" and try that.

>It does not work to place a regular text string (no @ symbol) in the "street" field in the original.

Looking for help please! I am a beginner with this and have no idea what I'm doing.

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Check the field definition for your eMail field in the master. Verify that it is using the correct relationship and is looking up from the "street" field.

If that all looks correct, then possibly you have some duplicate last names ( if I understood correctly, that is your lookup trigger ), where the first matching record has an empty "street" field.

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