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Exit Script problem

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Hi All,

I just locked myself out of my file !!!

I built a Quit script that closes all open files & should ask if the user

also wants to close FileMaker. i must have messed-up something.

Is it possible that this script sent my file in some sort of loop, bacause

now my Starting script (that just displayed a splash screen & went to the

Main Menu) opens & closes my file.

Is there a way to perform or abort an opening script???



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Open (or create) another table in the same file, then change your scripts.

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Thanks, but i could not access that option in my menus...

I was able to solve my problem by using another file,

establishing a file reference to the problem file.

Then in the other file i created a script that had a

script step that called a script in my problem file.

That seemed to stop the problem script running in the problem file!!

So i regained access & protected myself by creating a script to HALT

all running scripts and made sure it's available on the menu.

Just thought i would share my solution in case another person can use it.

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