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Find on Value list and another field

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I am trying to find all open trouble reports against one software version.

I have two fields Status = open, work in progress, assigned etc. Status has 6 values.

So my first find is to find all TR's that are open.

I created a script and it works.

The second part is I want to now find the Software version that has open TR's.

Every time I try to find in the same script with the open find I get all the status options against the one software version.

What I want is all the open staus values against one software version.

Seems I can do either or but not both in the same script.

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I'm not really sure what you are asking. Do you want to find a particular status AND a particular version? Or, do you want to find all the versions with open TR's? "find the software version that has open TR's" has me confused.

If you wish to find the open TR's for a given version:

Allow User Abort(off)

Set Error Capture(on)

Enter Find Mode()

Set Field (Version, "" <-- just a little programmer humor

Set Field (Status, "open")

Perform Find()

I think your error might be using two finds. Each find operates over the whole file. Two finds in a row do not narrow a search as the second DOES NOT operate on the found set of the first. To perform an AND make more field entries in the same find request. To perform an OR create more find requests.


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Thanks for responding.

I want to find all open status values against one version

I did the open status with

Enter find mode


Set field ( status, "ready for test")

New record/Request

Set field ( status, "assigned")

New Record request

Set field ( status, "need more info)

New Record Request

Set field (status, " deferred")

New Record Request

Set field (status, "work in progress"

Perform find

This script works, now I just need to find a software version with the open status. In other words I want all open status values for one given software version.

The softwar version is what I cant seem to get.

I tried to do another

New Record/Request

Set field (software version, "GW")

then do the find and it finds all GW's but with all staus open and closed.

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You've set up an OR search that will find all records whose status is open OR whose version is "GW". You want to find only those records whose status is open AND whose version is "GW". The problem is that finding records with an open status requires an OR search by itself, so you need to combine them on each request:

(status="ready for test" AND sw_version="GW") OR (status="assigned" AND sw_version="GW") OR ...

Try this:

Enter Find mode

Set Field ["software version",""GW""]

Set Field ["status", ""ready for test""]

Duplicate Record/Request

Set Field ["status", ""assigned""]

Duplicate Record/Request

Set Field ["status", ""need more info""]

Duplicate Record/Request

Set Field ["status","" deferred""]

Duplicate Record/Request

Set Field ["status",""work in progress""]

Perform Find

Duplicating each find request saves you from having to set the software version field each time since it doesn't change.

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Could you explain the "little programmer humor" to me please?

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